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Welcome to Nonno Joe’s.

Gabriele Follano was born in 1910.  He was raised in Pratola Serra on a farm surrounded by countryside, just outside the bustling port of Napoli.  Responding to the post-war need for workers, the entire family moved to the UK during the 1950's, complete with 8 children!  They lived and worked in Bedford, playing their part in rebuilding the UK in the aftermath of World War II. 

Although living in Britain, they were still a relatively poor family and relied on their mamma, Michelina, to provide them with good, healthy food.  Drawing on her inspirations from living off the land, she constantly provided fresh, nutritious and, above all, tasty food from hand-grown vegetables and cured meats.

It is on these traditions and handed-down recipes that Nonno Joe's was founded.  Staying true to our roots, we strive to offer these traditional dishes, whilst passing on the love and passion that was passed to us, their great grandchildren.  As Nonna Michelina always said: "la chiave è nella salsa", or "the key is in the sauce" and our sauce is freshly made with authentic Italian ingredients to the very same recipe she gave us.

Nonno Joe's is named after the eldest son of Michelina and Gabriele.  Generoso, affectionately known as 'Nonno Joe', is grandfather to Joe who runs the restaurant.  We hope that you enjoy our traditional food made with our family's recipes.

Buon Appetito!!!